Community Planning

General Plan

The City’s General Plan is its constitution for development. It is comprised of ten elements that provide a comprehensive slate of citywide policies and further the City of Villages smart growth strategy for growth and development.

Community Plans

Community plans work together with the General Plan to provide location-based policies and recommendations in the City’s 50+ community planning areas. Community plans are written to refine the General Plan’s citywide policies, designate land uses and housing densities, and include additional site-specific recommendations as needed.

University Heights straddles two community planing areas — Uptown and North Park — as shown in the map below. Community Planning Groups provide official recommendations to the City on community goals and land development proposals. Community Planning Group members are elected by eligible members of the community.

Draft Community Plans Now Available for Public Review and Input

The draft of the Uptown Community Plan Update and the North Park Community Plan Update are now available for public review.  As part of the City’s General Plan, these Community Plans are long-range, physical development guides that include tailored policies for implementing the General Plan in the community. The updated community plans convey community goals and recommendations with an emphasis on sustainable development principles and policies, urban design, encouraging a multi-modal transportation network, the identification of new potential historic districts – all of which are clearly outlined in an illustrative, graphically-rich, action oriented planning document.

For More Information

The City of San Diego’s website is the best source of information about the General Plan and about the community planning process. Please click on the links below for more information:


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