Uptown Community Plan Update in Peril: Time to Take Action

After 6 years of community input, compromise, and hard won changes to the proposed Uptown Community Plan as it affects University Heights, City staff have done an about face and endorsed the Planning Commission’s proposal to revert back to the current Uptown Community Plan approved in 1988.

This is a slap in the face to the community and the countless hours that have been spent by UH residents and businesses providing thoughtful input to the City in good faith on the proposed plan update.

The San Diego City Council will decide the fate of the Uptown Community Plan on Monday, November 14 at 2 pm so it is essential for community to weigh in soon with a very loud voice! Click here to take action.

Key Changes at Risk

Following is a summary of key changes on the Uptown side of UH which will now be eliminated by the City’s proposal. All of these changes have been supported by the UH community at numerous workshops and charettes since 2010. Please note that “d/u” denotes “dwelling units per acre.”

  1. The zoning for the commercial area on both sides of Park Blvd. between Adams and Meade was changed to CN-1-3 (maximum density of 0-29 du/ac and maximum height of 30 feet).
  2. The zoning for the homes along Madison, Monroe and Meade west of Park Blvd. was changed to RM-1-7 (maximum density of 5-9 du/ac and maximum height of 24/30 feet).
  3. The zoning for the small lot at the northwest corner of Park and El Cajon on the San Diego Unified School District site was changed to CN-1-3 (maximum density of 0-29 du/ac and maximum height of 30 feet).
  4. The area of University Heights zoned RM-2-5 (maximum density of 15 to 29 du/ac and maximum height of 40 feet) was added to the CPIOZ-A map with a height limit of 30 feet.
  5. The San Diego Normal School/San Diego City Schools Education Complex was identified as a potential historic district.
  6. Over 60 bungalow courts throughout UH were identified for inclusion in a Residential Court Multiple Property Listing (MPL). A MPL may be used to nominate and register thematically related historic properties, or to establish the registration requirements for properties that may be nominated individually or in groups in the future.

Take Action

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