City Puts Density Bonus Plan Back Into North Park Community Plan Update

Density Bonus Plan Allows up to 145 Dwelling Units Per Acre

After announcing in December 2015 that the Density Bonus Plan would be removed from both the North Park and Uptown Community Plan Updates, the City put a modified version of it back into the Land Use Element of the North Park Community Plan Update (see page 32) on January 6, 2016 and is asking for comments today.

The Density Bonus Plan for North Park would allow developers to “request approval of the increased density on a specific property through a Process 4 Planned Development Permit” for the Bus Transit Corridor along Park and El Cajon Boulevards, and the residential area between Lincoln and Howard Avenues, as shown below. The proposed Density Bonus allows for the density to be increased up 73 dwelling units per acre for the area bounded in blue, and for to 145 dwelling units per acre for the area bounded in black.

NP Density Bonus AreaThe Egyptian development shown below at the corner of Park and University is 108 du/ac so imagine a few more stories to reach 145 du/ac. Below that is an example of 73 du/ac.



The Good News

There is some good news, however, with this revision to the North Park Land Use Element. As many of us in University Heights requested, the following changes have been implemented in the revised North Park Land Use Element:

  • Density Bonus removed on Park Blvd. from Adams Avenue to Meade, and base land use designation maintained as Neighborhood Commercial (0-29 du/ac).
  • Density Bonus removed from the site currently occupied by the New Vision Fellowship Church at 4353 Park Blvd., and base land use designation reduced from Community Commercial (0-73 du/ac) to Community Commercial (0-29 du/ac).

Take Action

Write to the City

If you are as upset as I am that the Density Bonus got snuck back into the North Park Community Plan Update with such a short public review period, please email your comments today, January 18, 2016, to:

Lara Gates, Plan Update Project Manager
City of San Diego
Planning Department
1010 Second Avenue, 11th Floor MS-413
San Diego, CA 92101

Attend the North Park Planning Committee Meeting on January 19th

The proposed changes to the North Park Land Use Element will be discussed at the North Park Planning Committee meeting on Tuesday, January 19, 2016 at 6:30 pm at 2901 North Park Way, 2nd Floor. Please click here for an agenda.