Growth in University Heights: More or Less?

Presentation about City’s Plans for Growth in UH

Kristin Harms and Bill Ellig will present at the next University Heights Community Association meeting tomorrow, October 1, about the City’s plans to increase density in UH. The meeting will start at 6:45 pm and be held in the Alice Birney Elementary School Auditorium at 4345 Campus Avenue.

The presentation will include an overview of the City’s proposed land use plans for UH, compared to those recommended by the community at a workshop in May 2013. Visual representations will also be presented for each option, based on existing projects in Uptown and North Park.

Cast Your Ballot

A vote on the various options will be held at the meeting for submission to the City Planning Department. The Planning Department is requesting comments from the City’s community planning groups for Uptown and North Park by mid-December 2015, and from the community at-large by December 1, 2015.

Attend In-Person or Online

For those who are unable to attend in-person, you may view the presentation online by registering here. A recording of the presentation will also be made available after the meeting. Registration is limited.

About the Presenters

Kristin has been actively involved in historic preservation and the community plan updates as they affect UH since 2010. She has lived in UH since 1985, chaired the UH Historical Society from 2007 to 2014, founded and chaired the Neighborhood Historic Preservation Coalition from 2008 to 2010.

Bill has also been very active in UH as a member of an Uptown Planners Subcommittee on Urban Design Guidelines, a member of CERT, and as representative for UH on the SANDAG Bike Corridors Community Advisory Group for Uptown and North Park. He also created an extensive online map of over 400 historic sidewalk contractor stamps throughout UH.
For more information, please visit the University Heights Community Association website at