Uptown Planners Opposes Density Bonus Plan

By Kristin Harms, Resident of University Heights

At a special public meeting on July 21, 2015, Uptown Planners voted to recommend elimination of the Density Bonus Plan proposed by City of San Diego Planning Department staff in September 2014. This decision was supported by five community groups within the Uptown Planning area including Bankers Hill Community Group, 5 Points Business Improvement District, Hillcrest Town Council, Metro San Diego Community Development Corporation, Mission Hills Heritage, and Western Slopes Community Association.

Please click here to read the “Pros and Cons of the City of San Diego Proposed Bonus Density Plan” by guest commentator Tom Mullaney, Uptown Resident and Executive Director, Friends of San Diego

Bonus Density Areas Proposed for University Heights

In University Heights, the following areas were identified by Planning Department staff for density bonuses. Please note that “du/ac” means “dwelling units per acre.”

  • Site at northeast corner of Park Blvd. and Meade, directly from Birney School Joint Use Field, which is currently occupied by a church, parking lot, and two dwelling units. At a public workshop in University Heights conducted in May 2013, the community proposed Neighborhood Commercial (0-29 du/ac) for this area but the City is proposing Community Commercial (0-73 du/ac) as well as a density bonus that would allow for up to an additional 36 du/ac (74-109 du/ac).
  • Commercial area on both sides of Park Blvd. from Adams Avenue to Meade Avenue, which is currently designated as Neighborhood Commercial (currently 0-29 du/ac). The City is proposing a density bonus for this area that would allow for up to an additional 15 du/ac (30 to 44 du/ac).
  • Commercial areas on both sides of Park Blvd. from El Cajon Blvd. to Lincoln Avenue. While the City changed the land use designation on the west side of Park to 0-44 du/ac, as recommended by the community in May 2013, the land use designation remains at 0-54 du/ac on the east side of Park. In addition, the City is proposing a density bonus for these areas on both sides of Park Blvd., allowing up to an additional 29 du/ac (45 to 73 du/ac west of Park and 55 to 73 du/ac east of Park).
  • The small parcel is located at the northwest corner of Park Blvd. and El Cajon Blvd., within the San Diego Unified School District complex, which currently occupied by an office building. While the City reduced the land use designation from Community Commercial (0-73 du/ac) to Community Commercial (0-44 du/ac), they are proposing a density bonus that will allow up to an additional 29 du/ac (45-73 du/ac). At the May 2013 workshop, the community recommended Office Commercial (0-29 du/ac) for this parcel.
  • The two parcels along Cleveland Avenue south of Washington (currently 0 to 44 du/ac), allowing up to an additional 29 du/ac (45 to 73 du/ac). The community recommended maintaining the Community Commercial (0 to 44 du/ac) designation for these parcels at the May 2013 workshop.

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For more information about the Bonus Density Plan proposed by City Planning staff, please click here to download the June 2015 Land Use element of the Uptown Community Plan update. The Bonus Density Plan or Incentive Zoning Program is described in more detail on page 41 (L.U. 41).